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  • Motorola Semiconductor Circuits Manual
  • Motorola Semiconductor Circuits Manual

    Practical circuits with Power Semiconductors like Thyristors, SCR and Power Transistors. Designs of Bulb Dimmer, Motor Speed Control and Inverters.


  • Autoranging Digital Multimeter
  • Autoranging Digital Multimeter

    This is an old article from Practical Electronics 1979. It shows the input circuits and digital ranging controls too. Using 7107 chip for display it is an excellent project to build even today.


  • GM Arts – Music Guitar Science
  • GM Arts – Music Guitar Science

    This site is offered in the hope that readers will better understand electric guitar technology, leading to creative use of your musical tools.


  • Low Cost AM FM Stereo Receiver
  • FM stereo demodulation is accomplished by the use of the LM1800 phase locked loop, thereby eliminating the need for external coils. The AM function of the receiver is done completely with the LM3820 AM radio system. While designed for 3 section tuned superheterodyne application.The LM382 dual preamplifier was selected for its minimum parts count and low noise capability.

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