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Archive 10 / 2021

Archive of News Feeds from Tech Companies and Media

Electronic Circuit Design

Internals of Electronic Products and Systems. Circuit and PCB design Methods. Using Electronic Components. Electronic Product Design. Industrial Automation and Test-Measurement.This is the Archive of Electronics Design related Question & Answers. Mastering the use of the Test Bench and Test Instruments like the Scope and DMM. EDA tools and ASIC design Software are very important to create, develop, simulate and verify Circuit Design and Chip Design.


RF Wireless and Device Networking

Wireless Devices, Microwave and Fiber Optics. RF, Microwave, Wireless, Optics, High Frequency Applications. Includes Low Power Handheld Embedded Devices. Networking such Devices for Automation or Communication. Wireless Communications now have voice, data, media. It has capability of the Internet, making a portable device part of the World Wide Web. Now we also have IoT, WSN, COR and M2M. All this is possible when we think of technologies more like Wi-Fi and WiMax merging with mobile-cellular systems. 


Industrial Process Control

Factory Automation and Manufacturing Machines.Industrial Electronics, Process Control Instruments, Indicators, Controllers and Data Loggers. SCADA, HMI and PLC. M2M and Device Networking, Electrical Controls, Tools, Sensors, Actuators, Motors, Motion Control. Industrial Equipment. Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow and Level.


Integrated Circuits and Devices

Semiconductors, Diodes, Transistors, Silicon Chips. IC chips and Discrete Devices. Silicon, Germanium. Diodes, LEDs and Optos. Transistors and Zeners. Gallium Arsenide for RF Devices. LED Lighting with Gallium Nitride. Chips form the heart of any Electronic Device today. Programmable chips are very popular as we can implement logic and math functions in its firmware.


Test and Measuring Instruments

Instruments like Multimeters and Oscilloscopes. Logic Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Data Loggers. HVAC Meters. Automated Testing, ATE. Scientific Lab Equipment. Instrumentation and Metrology. Power Supplies, Calibrators, Function Generators, Test Jigs for Manufacturing Testing. PC based Instruments like USB Scopes and VXI Family and GPIB Interfaces.